SolarisMontium measuring 410x375 cm is situated in a large room stretching through two floors and thus can be seen from many angles. The work is custom-made for this room so that the spectator will get a different experience of it, according to point of view. From afar the work has an almost solely abstract expression where the patterns are dominant. As one moves closer, buildings appear and become recognisable, more details reveal themselves and new stories develop in cohesion with the surrounding colours.

Photos of buildings are incorporated in the work and are of well known buildings situated in the area of Frederiksberg, where the care centre is also placed. I have chosen these specific buildings as I found them to be strong visually, as well as representing the area. They are meant to awaken personal memories without being too intrusive.

The work is build in many layers and will change according to the light, time of day and movement of the viewer. My intention was for the spectator to be able to continuously discover new elements and in that way be co-creator of the work.

The title SolarisMontium is a loose translation to Latin of the word Solbjerg, the original name of the area, while Solaris also means sun and star and in that manner refers to the patterns in the work.


This painting measuring 185x375 cm is placed in the foyer of the building with a lot of people passing through, but few spending much time there. My emphasis with this piece was for it to have a immediately strong expression even if viewed for short time. Though due to the heavy textures in the painting, this work will also change a great deal according to the shifting of light, natural og artificial and therefore will offer new experiences during the day and year. Like many of my abstract pieces the title of this, has a reference to sound. Kastagnet is the name of a musical instrument as well as meaning chestnut, chestnut in Danish is kastanje the name of the care centre is kastanjehaven.


Luxlapis measuring 300x510 cm is a combination of photography and painting and takes its starting point in the school buildings itself. Photos taken certain places inside and outside the building, have been duplicated, mirrowed and turned upside down. Then arranged to create a pattern that from a distance gives an abstract impression, but as one moves closer, recognisable aspects of the school appears.

God of Carnage